Healthy and Safe Tourism


As in all areas of public life, some measures have been taken in the hospitality industry due to pandemic Covid-19 that hit the world. We should emphasize that we are showing a meticulous approach on the cleanliness and hygiene issues by reviewing our emergency action plans.


As per our policy on providing quality services, we have been urging upon health and hygiene issues since the day of our foundation. We would like to point out that we have applied all precautionary measures deemed appropriate both by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We have taken all actions regarding the cleanliness of shared areas, restaurants, café and rooms.


In order to protect dear valued guests’ and esteemed staff members’ health, we take measures by showing sensitivity like on the first day of pandemic. We disinfect our hotel thoroughly by top quality and most effective cleaning and hygiene products.


Our special teams of cleaning specialists and food engineers update the measures to be taken by following moment to moment the latest developments related to pandemic. We, the Aileena Hotel & Villas family, have amended the regulations on measures taken already and to be taken and assigned teams of experts for inspection.


The Certificate of Safe Tourism

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has put into effect the Certificate of Safe Tourism during the controlled normalisation process. It is obligatory to obtain that certificate for the enterprises, the total bed capacity of which is 50 or higher, in order to maintain their activities. Aileena Hotel & Villas provides services to dear valued guests by 58 rooms and 11 villas. Upon fulfilment of the requirements of the inspection by the Ministry, our hotel was entitled to obtain the Certificate of Safe Tourism.


We have assigned special teams and tightened the inspections to apply the highest level of hygiene standards. We keep following the agenda and all developments related to pandemic. We do fulfil our duty for you to have a safe and comfortable holiday.




Practises of Covid-19 Prevention Measures

We have hanged informative posters on Covid-19 measures in all shared areas.

We are training all staff members for the processes from chambermaids to service personnel.

We are showing the ultimate attention to the rules on mask use and distancing and the stages of cleaning.

All materials and equipment being used for cleaning and hygiene of our hotel are of domestic and international standards.

The masks and the other protective equipment used by our staff are approved by the Ministry of Health.

All our staff members have been trained as per Covid-19 Emergency Action Plan and the segregation of duties has been completed.

The warning signs to remind social distancing have been placed all across our hotel.

We have thermal thermometers in our hotel. The body temperature of all Aileena Hotel & Villas guests and staff members are taken and recorded.

Hand disinfection stations have been placed wherever required.

Our stocks of masks, disinfectants and the other protective equipment are replenished regularly and tracked consistently.

We have made the corresponding regulations to update the total bed and restaurant capacities in compliance with the decisions taken by the corresponding ministry.

We are giving priority to contactless payment by debit/credit cards in order to minimise the cash exchange.

We have minimised the contact to the lowest level by promoting disposable products for personal hygiene in all shared areas.

Thanks to the wide open space our hotel has, you will have a socially distanced, hygienic and reliable holiday.


All Our Staff Members Have Been Acquainted by In-Company Training

We have put a series of precautionary measures into practise to assure both dear valued guests’ and esteemed staff members’ health for providing you the best services. We have notified our staff members of those measures by in-company training programs for the continuation of process without any interruption. We have provided training for all our employees to keep distancing with you and their colleagues, use their masks properly and apply the personal hygiene practices as required. We are taking the body temperature of all staff members carrying out their medical examination immediately before their entry to the premises. We have made arrangements in the resting areas and mess halls to hinder their being in close contact. We are reminding consistently our colleagues of social distancing rules. We have taken measures as well to restrain our staff members from wearing their uniforms outside our hotel and clean the uniforms right after each usage.


Our Countermeasures on Purchasing Processes Have Been Completed

We have regulated the purchase processes of Aileena Otel & Villas in line with the pandemic conditions. Having reviewed our goods acceptance processes, we have increased the frequency of controls on the goods we purchase in our warehouses. We are also following up the measures taken by our collaborating partners by whom we supply goods and services. We keep our list of alternative suppliers in order to avoid any setback for our service process. We are managing the process of product supply for restaurants by avoiding contact of any kind, taking required hygiene measures and using protective equipment. All measures required to prevent any setback for procurement process have been taken by considering every single detail.


Our Rooms Are Brought into Re-Use after Well-Detailed Cleaning and Disinfection

Our staff members duly perform their duty by wearing gloves and masks, and wearing long sleeve protecting clothing when required. The chambermaids wear gloves and masks while doing the cleaning. The cleaning up of the room starts with opening windows for a good ventilation to promote air circulation. We have assigned staff members in sufficient number to accomplish the cleaning up of rooms thoroughly, and they are using disposable cloths and professional hygiene products. All of our rooms have been equipped with disinfectants and disposable personal care products. The room windows are kept open for quite a long time during and after cleaning up. After check-out, general cleaning and hygiene practises are completed and the waiting period of 24 hours is applied before the new check-in. Textile products are washed in compliance with the hygiene requirements in the corresponding regulations and stored after being packed individually. For toilet and bath cleaning, high-level disinfectants are used. Special cleansers and disinfectants are used for high-touch surfaces as well. You will have a comfortable and safe holiday in our suite rooms and villas where all essential health and hygiene requirements are ensured.


Our Restaurants Have Been Re-Arranged Regarding Social Distancing

The restaurants of Aileena Hotel & Villas have been re-designed in compliance with the social distancing rules. The warning signs to restrain the contact of our guests with each other have been placed in the appropriate spots. Our staff members working in food production departments wear protective equipment while working. Food and beverage service equipment is disinfected on a regular basis. We have promoted the consumption of single use products such as salt, black pepper, toothpick, etc. We serve by disposable forks, spoons and knives upon request by our guests. We are attentive to the good ventilation of our restaurants frequently. We accomplish the food and beverage preparation processes in compliance with the quality standards. All fruit and vegetable products are first processed for disinfection and then for cooking and presentation by a great attention. Washing up is done by professional dishwashers at high temperature. The food and beverage preparation and presentation stages are strictly inspected by our food engineers.


The health and well-being of the guests and staff members of Aileena Hotel & Villas are our highest priority. We are keeping up with all measures to be taken for the pandemic process punctiliously. We would like to underline our being well-prepared for doing our share in compliance with both the instructions by the corresponding ministries and our corporate measures. We currently have sufficient amount of protective equipment, masks, gloves and disinfectant agents, and restock constantly in line with the density of usage of those. We have taken the measures of all kinds for your safe and comfortable holiday. You might choose Aileena Hotel & Villas with contentment for a peaceful and luxury holiday.